Dirty Cues Season 1

When a Colombian cartel starts laundering money through Spanglish movies in Hollywood, a rookie FBI agent must play the role of a lifetime.

Rookie FBI agent Daniel Brooks goes undercover to infiltrate a film studio run by Javi Moreno of the Colombian cartel.

Agent Knoch sends Daniel in with a bugged statue to place in Javi’s office. Natalie gets a surprise from the past.

An “incident” occurs in the studio during an audition prompting Javi’s wife Mazy to call in her Bruja to exorcise the studio. Natalie tells Travis about her daughter’s bully.

Mazy hosts a party for her jewelry line “Pearls & Pain”. Javi and Travis bring Daniel out to the desert for a moment of truth.

Javi’s cartel boss Vicente arrives to watch Javi’s latest film “Capitán Colombia” starring Marisol Mendez. Javi throws a party at his home and there’s an unplanned guest – a sicario.

The FBI interrogate the sicario intruder. Anya impresses Natalie with her movie script but must find a Latino ghost writer.

The FBI agents face discipline from their boss. Natalie introduces Emilio Sanchez to Javi. Daniel uncovers the truth about a co-worker that changes everything.

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